About Us

Our Philosophy

The mission of Guacamole’s is to provide the best possible Mexican cuisine to its customers. We feel that while Tex-Mex is available in many other restaurants, other cuisines of Mexico have been woefully underrepresented. We remedy that by offering food from all corners of the country of Mexico. So stop in today and try one of our moles, or sample some of our many tequilas. You can experience the wide variety of seafood dishes from each of the different coasts of Mexico. Whatever you choose, we strive to make your dining experience as wonderful as possible yet feeling like your home away from home.

Dining Experience

Authentic Mexican Cuisine for Friends and Families Everywhere

Come experience the warmth of real authentic Mexican cuisine with dishes inspired from all over Mexico while enjoying the serenity of a New England coast. Enjoy sipping your favorite cocktail while watching the sun set over Long Island Sound. Create memories with family and friends while listening to a mariachi band or just take in a game in our lounge. We want you to feel like you are at our house.